Should Bartender Be Held Responsible for the Behavior of Their Patrons?

Topics: Ethanol, Alcoholic beverage, Alcohol intoxication Pages: 3 (770 words) Published: November 26, 2010
Carleen Davis
Ms. Tracie Henson
11 November 2009

Should bartender be held responsible for the behavior of their patrons?

According to Beth Benson of the Associated Content the duties of a bartender are to take the orders of their patrons, serve drinks, keep the shelves stocked, and to keep the bar clean. But after the patrons are served and have left the bar, is the bartenders’ job really done? According to the law in many states bartenders are responsible for the behavior of their patrons even after when they leave bar. Should a bartender really be responsible for adults after the leave an establishment? Should bartenders have to baby sit their patrons who are assumed to be responsible adults? Bartenders should not be responsible for their for many reasons, the first reason is that bartenders don’t know what the alcohol tolerance is for the person that they are serving, bartenders don’t have knowledge of drinks prior to entering their establishment, and because adult should be responsible for their own sobriety.

When a person walks into a bar and the bartender takes his order, the bartender is not aware what the alcohol tolerance for that person is. One person’s alcohol tolerance level may be higher than the other. For instance with one customer it may take up to twelve beers to get one person drunk, with another customer it may only two beers. If the bartender had some knowledge of how much it takes to get their customers intoxicated; most likely the bartender will cut him off before he is to that point. The responsibility falls back to the patron to know when has had enough to drink, and will automatically cut them off.

When a bar patron enters a bar, the bartender automatically assumes that this is the patrons first stop. “After all, due to what are often extortionate prices, most people pre drink before they get to the bar – and the number of drinks someone can safely consume varies widely anywhere between three or four to over...
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