Components Of An Organization

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An organization is a group of individuals who work together to achieve a common objective/goal. For this to happen, the organization has to have elements which ensure its sustainability and success. These elements are:
Common purpose
Co-ordinated efforts
Division of labor
Hierarchy of authority
Span of control
Centralization and decentralization
Common purpose is the means for unifying members. An organization without purpose soon begins to drift and become disorganized. The common purpose unifies employees or members and gives everyone an understanding of the organization 's reason for being. The common purpose of an organization entails the overall objectives, purpose and mission of a business that have been established by its management and communicated to its employees. The organizational goals of a company typically focus on its long range intentions for operating and its overall business philosophy that can provide useful guidance for employees seeking to please their managers. For example the common purpose for the Technical University of Mombasa is to offer quality technological, education and training through promotion of scholarship, entrepreneurship, research and innovation and outreach to community for industrial and technological development. According to Kurtzman (2010), a common purpose is an insightful and useful roadmap for piloting a company to its full potential through aligning individual and corporate interests , empowering subordinates’ talents and ideas, communicating candidly and listening intently and inspiring pride in the younger generations on whom the future depends.
The common goal is usually divided into two:
Types of Goals
Official goals are the general aims of an organization as expressed in the corporate charter, annual reports, public statements and mission statements. Their purpose is to give the organization a favorable public image, provide legitimacy, and

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