Complacente Management Online

Topics: Pleading, Receipt, Complaint Pages: 2 (477 words) Published: April 3, 2013
Complaint Management Online
Their complaint management doesn’t seem to be working because as we said last week, our research showed us that many times, Zara doesn’t reply customers e-mails, when they send a complaint. Customers usually go to their social pages like Facebook and twitter to criticize the poor complaint management service, And Having a negative word of mouth is bad, having online negative word of mouth should be worse. As solutions we can say that ZARA should pay more attention to the social pages complaints because it’s a way to avoid that their bad complaint management service spreads for the rest of the customers. More specifically we believe that they should answer them immediately or delete those comments that don’t make any sense, so that other customers see that they are solving customers problems. Zara should also focus on the written complaints that they receive, like emails and letters, and answer them to avoid the increase of dissatisfaction of their customers. Differentiation

ZARA have no formal way to differentiate their customers. They rely completely in their front line employees’ impression about what is happening in the stores and what customers want. The buying process of Zara is completely anonymous, which means that the employees have no knowledge of what type of customer they are serving. In this matter we noticed that they don’t ask for any personal information that would differentiate the customers making online accounts. As a solution they can create an app. with a can scan a code in the purchase receipt that allows customers to register their activity in Zara, what they buy and how much they spend which articles they choose. This will give to ZARA specific information about each customer and now company is able to differentiate them. In order to improve the acceptance of this service they should establish monetary values that allow customers to have some gifts or low promotion after accumulate a certain amount of...
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