Competitors's Derm Care

Topics: Competition, Competitor analysis, Perfect competition Pages: 3 (949 words) Published: February 20, 2012
1.3 Competitor Analysis
Derm Care Clinic’s competitors are separated into 2 groups that are
1.) Direct Competitors – products or services which perform the same function compete against each other. For Derm Care Clinic, there are so many direct competitors compete with them such as Wuttisak Clinic, Nitipon Clinic, Pornkasem Clinic, Pan Clinic, etc. Their key competitors are Wuttisak Clinic and Nitipon Clinic.

2.) Indirect Competitors - where products or services which are close substitutes for one another compete. For Derm Care Clinic, there are various indirect competitors such as Spa businesses (they are not really related towards skin care treatment because the spas are focused on relaxing massages), and hospital. Key Competitors’ current and future objectives

| Derm Care Clinic | Wuttisak Clinic | Nitipon Clinic | Current| - to provide a caring of the customer’s benefits the most| - to provide high quality products and professional services| - to be a clinic that provide all skin services| Future| - to improve the technique of service to be better| - develop its treatments and has been certified with hygienic operation standard| - to be a leader of Skin Care Business by developing and managing systems of services relying on the medical terms|

Key Competitors’ current strategy
Derm Care Clinic | Wuttisak Clinic | Nitipon Clinic |
- try to make a difference to the products and services
- focus on the quality of the services giving to the customers - focus on positive Word-Of-Mount among customers| - Increase more branches to neighboring countries such as Laos, Cambodia. - Launch new products and make it different - promote brand to be well-known via TV Advertisement by using celebrities.| - provide Customer Satisfaction through professional services and high quality products

- providing an in-depth knowledge of skin care- promote brand via TV Advertisement by using celebrities.|
Key Competitors’ resource profile...
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