Comperative Analysis of Indian Camp and Just Like That

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Comparative analysis of “Indian Camp” and “Just Like That”

Even though the two stories are very different from each other, we still see some similarity things when we talk about the characters. In both stories we see two boys that are getting pushed in a direction they do not want to. This is making them do things they never wanted to do. In “Indian camp” the boy is forced to be in the room with the birthing woman, even though his father easily could see, that he do not want to. It is a bit different in “Just like that”, because here the boy is getting pushed to directly kill an animal in a harsh and unkindly way. In both cases the things they where almost forced to do, would have consequences for the two boys later on in their lives. These terrible things make them grow though the story, and they are going from being childish and immature, to be mature maybe even brave persons. We also have two men who selfishly thinks more about what is important for them, than for the boys. The different is just that in “Indian camp” the father realizes what he has done, and in “Just like that” the man could not care less about the poor boy. The characters in the stories have a lot of different sites, but the development there is happening to the boys are a lot like. And the two men have their own idea of how they want the boys to be. I think the man in “Indian camp”, at some points is just as bad as the man in “Just like that”. Because the man in “Indian camp” obviously know the boy really well, but he still is making him do something he is not comfortable with. In “Just like that” we do not know there relationship to each other, and it is a lot easier to be mean to someone you do not know that well, but that is just my opinion.
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