Comparison of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, Zia Ul Haqq and Musharraf
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Political Policies:
Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto:
Bhutto is considered the main architect of 1973 constitution as part of his vision to put Pakistan to road to parliamentary democracy. One of the major achievement in Bhutto 's life was drafting of Pakistan 's first ever consensus constitution to the country.] Bhutto supervised the promulgation of 1973 constitution that triggered an unstoppable constitutional revolution through his politics wedded to the emancipation of the downtrodden masses, by first giving people a voice in the Parliament, and introducing radical changes in the economic sphere for their benefit.
A committee was set up with representatives from different parties in the Assembly to draw up a new constitution. The most significant features of the new constitution were: * There would be two houses, the senate and the national assembly * The leader of the party with majority in the Assembly would become the Prime Minister and select a cabinet * The president became largely a figurehead, whose orders had to be signed by the Prime minister. * Pakistan was an Islamic republic, Both prime minister and President had to be muslims. * Pakistan was a federal state. Each province had its own Assembly, elected by universal adult suffrage, with majority party forming the provincial government. The national assembly could only change the political leadership in the provinces by amending the constitution, which required a 75% majority * All basic fundamental human rights were guaranteed.

During his period in office the Government carried out seven major amendments to the 1973 Constitution. The First Amendment led to Pakistan 's recognition of and diplomatic ties with Bangladesh. The Second Amendment in the constitution declared the Ahmadis as non-Muslims, and defined the term non-Muslim. The rights of the detained were limited under the Third Amendment while the powers and jurisdiction of the courts for providing relief to

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