Benazir Bhutto

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Benazir Bhutto
Ex-Prime Minister of Pakistan

Personal Values, Traits and Characteristics:

As a Muslim woman leader, Bhutto was an iconic figure in the West. Bhutto was the first woman elected to lead a Muslim country. Bhutto had a vision of Pakistan as a modern and safe place to live. She had a vision of Pakistan as a democratic nation that would provide its entire people opportunities to prosper, where each individual male or female are seen as equal. She strived to implant democratic values in Pakistani society and politics. She believed that the democratic process was the real and longstanding solution of all of the county’s problems.

There are many characteristics and values that made Bhutto a successful leader. Bhutto was inspirational and charismatic. She had the look of a super model and was Harvard educated, but it was her intellect that made her stand apart. Her fiery speeches stimulated many to share her vision. Meeting Bhutto was an experience one could never forget. One author compared her star power and allure to that of Elizabeth Taylor. She was a true superwoman with mass appeal.

Other characteristics are drive, passion, persistence, self-confidence, and the desire to lead. The only way Bhutto could have accomplished what she did was is if she inhibited these characteristics and traits, while she continued on her journey as a woman in a Muslim country. She was a woman of immense courage and bravery. There is a commonly held myth regarding women in leadership roles that is held by many Muslim men, but her success discredited this myth. It also put her in direct opposition of Al-Qaeda and Taliban. She knew that the forces against her were cruel, ruthless and would defame and disrespect her. She experienced many hardships, family member deaths, imprisonment, but through sheer determination and persistence she still managed

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