Comparison Between Two Service Companies

Topics: American University in Cairo, University, Cairo Pages: 6 (1617 words) Published: April 21, 2013
=> Service Products:
- The ability of a firm to design service product is based on how they effectively address and consolidate their core products, supplementary services, and delivery actions. A- Core Products
Core products are the set of attributes and values that customers are waiting to receive from a specific company, also those products represents the solutions of problems faced by customers and users that can satisfy their needs. The core product in the Education industry is the ability to deliver all the needed information and experiences for the students that can help them develop their knowledge and be aware of the environment around them. Both the British university in Egypt and The American university in Cairo have their strategies and tactics for delivering the core benefits for their students, although there are common methods between them in the way of designing and delivering the products. The core product for the British University in Egypt (BUE) is to promote and supply a highly qualified British style accompanied by a research led learning experiences that can facilitate the engagement of new students who value the British educational Style, also providing them with the highest educational and research levels needed, and finally transmitting all the skills and knowledge required for creating their own careers and engage in the working environment. The American university in Cairo (AUC) primary product and challenge is the creation a strong culture of command, long lasting learning and experiences, an ongoing servicing for its graduates, and finally contributing to the Egyptian society in many fields. B- Supplementary services

Supplementary services are mainly used for enhancing and facilitating the use of core products and adding more value for end-users customers. Those enhancing services in the educational industry can be applying applications, the ways of payment fees; easily access to all information needed and search engines, and accommodations for students, etc. (Forbes and C L NG, 2008). Throughout globalization and new technological advances and developments, leading to increased competition in most industries that made it harder for most companies to achieve a competitive edge in their industry. The ability to offer distinctive and creative services and using the most effective marketing mix for delivering it to the public would help for attracting more customers than any other competitors in the market. The American university in Cairo and the British university in Egypt are sharing a range of common supplementary services, which are well established website, the ability to apply online, e-learning, online databases and resources, offering internships and career affairs for students, offering masters degree for graduate students, offering scholarships, search engines, connecting through social websites such as facebook and twitter, medical services, banks to facilitate the payment of fees, having library, staff and students accommodation, studying areas, wireless, book store, print shop and copy services, cafes and restaurants in the campus, IT laboratories, welfare activities (Drama and theater club) , easily contact them through the website, specified areas for sports (football, tennis, Rugby, basketball, volleyball and swimming , but the AUC offers more athletics such as Gym). AUC offers more supplementary services that can distinguish and position itself in a higher place than BUE. Those services are more academic fields and faculties (even the BUE offers three faculties that doesn't exist in the AUC, which are nursing, pharmacy, and dentistry), parking inside the university, bus schedules with a range of different times, WIFI in the busses, offering PHD and fellowship for graduate students, larger, organized, and highly equipped sporting areas, applying for more online database resources, and Arabic language institute that enables more than hundred students from...

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2- Lovelock, C., & Wirtz, J. (2012). Service marketing. (7 ed., p. 648). New Jersey: PEARSON.
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