Comparison Between the Cost of Living in Ecuador and the United States

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The Cost of Living between Ecuador and the United States
The cost of living between Ecuador and the United States shows several differences, but this essay is going to focus on two of the most common ones. The first one is the rental price of an apartment and the second one is the cost of clothing and shoes.

First, the rental price of an apartment of three bedrooms in Ecuador is around 500 dollars; on the other hand, this cost is much higher in the United States; actually, an American family has to pay about 1500 dollars for renting an apartment with these characteristics. In short, renting an apartment in Ecuador is three times less expensive than renting it in the United States.

Second, the price of the clothing and the shoes is extremely expensive in Ecuador, for example: if a person wants to buy one pair of Nike shoes, that person has to pay about 300 dollars, whereas in the United States if someone buys the same pair of shoes, he/she pays around 150 dollars. Moreover, an American woman can get a Calvin Klein coat paying 250 dollars, while in Ecuador a woman has to pay almost 1000 dollars for getting the same piece of clothing. In brief, both the price of clothing and the cost of shoes are more accessible in the United States than in Ecuador.

In conclusion, both Ecuador and the United States display certain differences in the cost of living but the most popular are the ones related to the rental price of an apartment and the cost of the clothes and shoes.
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