United States vs. Mexico

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The United States of America and Mexico compare and contrast their differences when it comes to education, homeless rates, and their overall standard of living. The U.S and Mexico compare when it comes to homeless rates seeing as the numbers are increasing each year. As for education, Mexico lacks standard education, where as the United States has a higher standard for education. The overall standard of living in both countries is probably the biggest difference the two countries have. Mexico has many prosperous areas to it, but for the most part people who live in Mexico, live poor and on the streets. Children in Mexico usually have to get street jobs in order to help their families with poverty. The United States has its own level of poverty and economic issues, but Mexico has a much higher poverty rate and their money is worth less than the U.S dollar, making it hard to earn money from American tourists. These two standards of living are completely different from each other seeing as they both have different problems. Mexico and the United States share the same issues and values, but on different levels of greatness. The education in Mexico is very different from the education in the United States. They use different grade level systems and different national budgets for education. Both of these countries have successful educational programs, and have high standards. The grade level system Mexico uses is six grades in primary schools. Kindergarten is for the 5-6 year old age level. Then they begin first grade at 6-7 years old and sixth grade, which is the end of primary school, is for the 11-12 year olds. Then the Mexican students begin secondary school. Secondary school has three grades. First grade starts at age 12-13 and third grade is for 14-15 years old. Then they begin high school. This is called the beginning of middle higher education. High school, like secondary, has three grades. First grade is for 15-16 year olds and third grade, which is the end

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