Comparision of Korean Japanese and Chinese cuisine
Topics: Japan, Japanese cuisine, Tofu, Cooking, Korea / Pages: 4 (1332 words) / Published: Sep 28th, 2014

Cuisine is a culture also appear in particular region by different types. Each types of cuisine is unique and deserve us to cherish. As they are according to different preference, spirit and tradition to form. That's why we need to explore the inheritance of cuisine culture. Afterwards, I will compare Chinese cuisine, Japanese cuisine and Korean cuisine, then find out the difference and the among them. Firstly, about the culture of Chinese cuisine. It has strong influence on a lots of Asia countries. Carbohydrates is the basic element, such as rice and noodles. Chinese people emphasize the color, smell, taste, meaning and form. As China has different region, it divide lots of styles. But the most well-known are the Cantonese cuisine, Shandong cuisine, Jiangsu cuisine and Szechuan cuisine. Secondly, about the culture of Japanese cuisine. It also based on rice and noodle, such as udon. However, their feature is fresh fish and miso soup. Japanese cuisine tend to use the five basic condiments to enrich the natural flavours of food. The five basic condiments are shoyu, sake, mirin, dashi and salt. There also have some combination of the culture of foreign countries. For example, ramen come from the Chinese and curry come from the British. Thirdly, about the culture of Korean cuisine. It based on rice, meat and vegetable, but their feature is spicy. Korean people are clever, they think that grilled meat is heatiness, as too heatiness may cause damage to body, so they use the cool food such as Kimchi to remove heatiness. Korean cuisine mainly are light and less greasy food. About the differences. Chinese chopsticks, Japanese chopsticks and Korean chopsticks are totally different. Chinese chopsticks have flat head, Japanese chopsticks have pointed head, Korean chopsticks are made by metal. Chinese chopsticks aims to clip foods, as they have contraindication is that they can’t use chopsticks to needle food, and needle food means worship their ancestors. But

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