Comparing the Gay Rights Movement to the Civil Rights Movement

Topics: Homosexuality, Homophobia, Same-sex marriage Pages: 3 (1044 words) Published: March 17, 2014

The Land of the Almost Free
Equality is expected in the United States, “the land of the free,”. In the 1960’s, African Americans rose up and fought for what was rightfully theirs during the civil rights movement. Living in the twenty first century we see that it inhumane to strip African Americans of their human rights. But, sadly, we have neglected to see that homosexuals are in a very similar position today. Homosexuals in the United States have been fighting for their rights for years, but the right to be legally married is the hardest fight of them all. Marriage is a rite of passage in the United States today, and perhaps one of the most important. But, being a protestant based country; the commonly known argument against gay marriage refers to what the Bible states against it. But, the First Amendment of the Constitution states that Church and State must be separate, and some people have begun to argue against it. Baptist Pastor, Danny Holiday speaks openly against it by stating, “The separation of church and state actually means that the government has ‘no right to disregard what god says’” (Gay Marriage Violates). It should be clear that the First Amendment specifically states, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…” (Bill of Rights). The first amendment specifically says that no law shall be made based on any religion’s ideals. In an interview with Dr. Girshick of Chandler-Gilbert Community College, she had this to say; “I absolutely believe that the Separation of Church and State is being ignored to keep same sex marriage illegal”. Many churches in California poured their money into prop 8 to stop same sex marriage from being legalized. Gay marriage being illegal based on the opinion of a religious group slanders the words written in the constitution, but the factors that play into this war on same sex marriage does not stop there. In the city of Topeka, Kansas, the Westboro...

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