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Homophobia among University Students The term homophobia, sometimes referred to as homonegativity and sexual prejudice, refers to an unreasonable fear, avoidance, and discrimination of homosexuals. Society has greatly changed their views on homosexuality over the years, yet homophobia still exists today. Extensive research has been conducted on homosexuality and how it affects our society. A previous study aimed at measuring homophobia examined literature on the topic since 1987. It was found...

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Psychology of Homophobia

Psychology of Homophobia/Sexual Prejudice Society began to rethink homosexuality in the 1960's when heterosexual psychologist George Weinberg coined the term "homophobia." Weinberg used the term to label heterosexuals' fear of being in contact of homosexuals as well as the self-loathing of homosexuals, meaning that homosexuals hated themselves for being gay. As of the new millennium, there has been a new special term that has been born to define the fear, hate and disgust that people show towards...

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Homophobia: Homosexuality and Men

Homophobia has been around for a long time and in most cases is not a valid argument for the hate and fear people have towards homosexuals. This is a very important and relevant topic in today’s time. Many people claim that homophobia is a valid reason to hate gay people. In all reality, many times people who are homophobic just don’t understand gay people. If you look up homophobia in the dictionary, it would say something like fear of lesbians and gay men. This is somewhat true but very misleading...

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Homophobia: Homosexuality and Psychologist George Weinberg

Homophobia Homophobia is a commonly used term in today’s world. Introduced in 1972 by psychologist George Weinberg in his book Society and the Healthy Homosexual, the term generally means fear or phobia of homosexuals. The idea of homophobia refers to the intolerance of homosexuals in society. Its importance has given place for organizations, scientists, experiments, and general awareness of the state of mind that in most people’s opinion in the recent past, is a problem. In psychology there...

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The Effects Of Homophobia On Homosexuals

Madison Cottrell West Honours Would Literature 13 January 2015 The Effects of Homophobia on Homosexuals in High Schools The treatment of homosexual teenagers in high schools across the country, and it increases the likeliness of them being put into situations where they will put into practice some risk behaviors. In this year of 2015, 3.4% of the American population has identified as gay, lesbian, or bisexual. This may seem like a small number, but this is equivalent to about 10,747,400 people...

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homophobia how we all pay the price

Ms. Nguyen English 1302 July 17, 2012 Rhetorical Analysis In Carmen Vázquez’s article “Appearances,” published in 1992 in the book Homophobia, the writer expressed concern about homophobic violence and how stereotypes affect not only gays and lesbians but normal men and women as well. In her article, Vázquez writes to the general public, which she believes is at fault for stereotyping. She begins by presenting an area named Castro that resides in San Francisco hills and serves as a sanctuary for...

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Are You Born Gay

constitutes an "undeniable characteristic," which would give lesbians and gays more legal protection against discriminatory practices. In addition, we need to recognize that this focus on what causes individuals to be lesbian or gay may arise from homophobia. Theories focusing on the origin of homosexuality, rather than of heterosexuality, imply that because the latter predominates, it is more "natural" or "normal"." Such a homophobic bias supports the assumption that homosexuality represents a "problem"...

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Jamiaca S Gully Queens

Professor Burns ENC 1101 13 November 2014 Help for the Gully Queens Most countries no longer tolerate homophobia; sadly Jamaica is not one of them. According to Williams, there are three influential institutions that encourage homophobia in Jamaica: the church, the government, and the music industry. The very religious people of Jamaica use the passages from the Bible to justify their homophobia, and most of the church does nothing to aid homosexual people. The majority of the officials in the Jamaican...

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What Annoys Me Most

fury and rage more so than my preoccupation with creased bed sheets and dusty table tops. For as long as I can remember, homophobia has been a serious issue and an idea that I am outraged by. Particularly in Ireland with our abnormally religious dependent culture, disapproval of homosexuality is annoyingly and unfortunately a very common subject. For me, the word "homophobia" in itself is distressing. First of all, it is not a phobia. Those who claim to be homophobic are not fearful of gay people...

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Gay Rights, or Lack Thereof

not agree with gay rights, gays have civil rights. America; the first thing that should come to mind is a nation of peace and equality, the land of the free and home of the brave. But it is not, right? We live in a nation of racism, sexism, and homophobia. Homosexuals get the worst of all the unfair treatment. Gays have been fighting for equal rights since the turn of the century, maybe even before then, and yet today in 2013, those pleas for rights go unheard. Banning an issue such as gay marriage...

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