Comparing Plant and Animal Cells

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Lab Report

Comparing Animal and Plant Cells

The cell is the fundamental structural unit of all living organisms. Cells help carry out the functions of life and together support the organism to function as a whole. Cells are divided into two main categories of eukaryotes and prokaryotes. Animal cells and plant cells fall into the division of eukaryote cells that have both a nucleus and organelles. In this lab, animal and plant cells will be compared through a microscope to identify differences in the structures of each type of cell.

Almost all cells are too small to be seen through human eyes. Therefore, a microscope was used in the lab and a sample of a plant cell was placed on. The microscope was then adjusted and viewed on highest power. A picture of the image of the cell seen through the microscope was recorded as data. The same process was repeated using an animal cell instead to be able to compare the characteristics.

The data presents certain noticeable characteristics that differ between each of the two cells. For example, the shape of the two cells are contrasting where in the animal cells were somewhat similar to the shape of a blob or circle and the plant cells with a box like shape. In each of the slides viewed, small dark circles could be seen. These circles could have been a result of the artificial color or dye used to be able to better see the cells yet, also could be identified as the nucleus of the cell. By analyzing the data, a conclusion could be reached that animals and plant cells are different in the structures of the cells.

Another topic comes to mind as of why plant and animal cells differ in their structure. Animals have skeletons that give their body structure and support for movement. Plants, however, do not move about the same way that animals do and they do not have skeletons to give them structure. Instead, plant cells have a unique cellular structure called a cell wall – a rigid layer that gives protection,...
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