Comparing Eastern and Western Religions

Topics: Islam, Christianity, Religion Pages: 4 (1014 words) Published: April 20, 2014
During a time when no vehicles existed or any type of technology, there was religion. This was part of the pre-modern times. Depending upon what part of the world you are from depends on what type of religion you are likely to encounter. This also determines the likelihood of what religion you may have grown up with. Your religion and your background helps in determining what values you may have. These believe and values vary in different religions. Some may learn some parts of these religions from movies or hearsay. Sometimes as we get older it is hard to determine what we believe as we do. Before 500 BC there were three western religions. They started very similar in the pre-modern times. When you look into the religion of Islam, the studies not only consist of the Qur'an but also the Bible. There are similarities as well as differences amongst these two religions. Many with the Muslims community that have converted from a Christian background before turning to Islam as their spiritual guidance. There are many comparisons as well as differences amongst these two religions. Judaism, one of the western religions compares closely with the religions of Christianity and Islam. The bible is used in the religious studies although preferred in the original Hebrew text. Amongst these three western religions come relationships that will have learners referring to one or the other through contrast and comparison. Understanding the source of information from God allows for teachings to continue. These three religions also preside with the majority percentage in North America with the largest and second largest of the religions within these three. In time before there were hospitals, there was a son born to a virgin Mother Mary. In this birth the son of our father was born. God had his only begotten son Jesus Christ. Within the Christian community he was a messenger that delivered the messages of God. He was God reincarnated. Jesus although with different roles within...
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