Comparing Articles on Henry Paul

Topics: Tabloid, Diana, Princess of Wales, The Guardian Pages: 3 (1387 words) Published: October 6, 2008
Compare the articles on Henri Paul: Which one do you think is most persuasive? Diana, princess of Wales died on 30th August 1997. She died in a car crash In a Paris tunnel. At the time she had divorced Prince Charles who was the father or her two children, (Prince William and Harry), and was in a relationship with Dodi Alfayed. This story was reported worldwide. In the article from the Mirror, they give a biased picture of what Henri Paul Is like. They say he Is a “speed freak” and “bike nut, could down nine whiskies in a night”. This suggests that he is a heavy drinker and that he is always speeding. The words Speed freak displays assonance, which makes a bigger Impact on the reader. “Speed” has several connotations: It Is a drug; It Is an Illegal driving offence; It Is an adverb that Indicates to go fast. Overall this is a derogatory word to use. Couple “speed” with “freak” and we have a noun-phrase that Infers Henri Paul Is abnormal. However on the article from the Broadsheet – The Guardian – say the driver was a “quiet man”, “He’d never been seen drunk” and that “he lived for his passions of flying and sailing”. This suggests something completely different from The Mirror. It suggests that he was not a habitual drinker, and that he loved to fly his plane, and sail his boat in a professional manner, not in a “freak” way. The headings are a first Indicator of bias in both articles. “Mystery of a quiet man” Is an alliterative phrase; taken on their own the words “mystery” and “man” produce the feel of a murder mystery Investigation and this article Is the early beginnings of the conspiracy theory that surrounds Diana’s death. In the Tabloid –The Mirror- the two pictures are shown as a close up. The first picture shows “a powerful Yamaha motorcycle” which is supposed to play on the fact that he is a “Speed Freak”. The second picture shows the “wrecked Mercedes after the 12mph tunnel smash”. This Is an emotive picture because It shows the actual car , where three...
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