Compare the ways poets show peoples relationships with nature in ‘Below the Green Corrie’ and one other poem you have studied.

Topics: Poetry, The Prelude, Metaphor Pages: 2 (770 words) Published: April 17, 2014
Compare the ways poets show peoples relationships with nature in ‘Below the Green Corrie’ and one other poem you have studied.

In the poem ‘Below the Green Corrie’ written by Norman MacCaig, the poem explores the way nature impacts on man as the poem is powerful and emotional. The large mountains give McCaig a spiritual and physical love for the landscape, he describes his life as being ‘enriched’. This shows that instead of being threatened by the mountains he has bonded with nature as it has impacted on his life. On the other hand in the ‘extract from the Prelude’ Wordsworth is threatened by nature. The poem starts off on a positive note as Wordsworth initially steals a boat with confidence but whilst rowing he discovers the mountains towering above him therefor he feels threatened so he decides to turn back ‘with trembling oars I turned’. The poem ends with Wordsworth feeling depressed and isolated.

Both the poems use imagery to describe the mountains, in Below the Green Corrie McCaig uses simile to suggest threat from the mountain, ‘the mountains gathered round me like bandits’. This suggests threat because of the large size of the mountains and the fact that bandits are seen as violent. On the other hand in ‘The prelude’ there are also signs of similes being used such as ‘measured motion like a living thing’, this also suggest threat because Wordsworth is seeing the mountains as alive as if it is looking down on him. Wordsworth sees this as a threat because of the size and the way they ‘towered up’ above him.

Both the authors use repetition to exaggerate a thought or feeling, MacCaig uses repetition to explore the power that the mountain has over him, ‘full of threats, full of thunders’. The repetition exaggerates the bad omen that the mountains present. Only in the second stanza does the attitude towards the mountains change. Wordsworth uses repetition to emphasize the fear and panic to get away from the mountains as he ‘struck and struck...
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