Compare the Business Model for Et Wal-Mart and Amazon

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Compare the business model for ET Wal-Mart and Amazon

Compare and What characteristics are shared? That are unique to and for that?

Going to both websites at first glance I noticed many similarities between and Both sites are online merchants that have been made by an identical model, where the menu of product categories on the left page margin. has 13 product categories or departments, as they call it on the page while has 12 categories (departments) and the last category, called christmas shop which means a category where there are seasonal products. In the middle of the page at the top of both sites have search engines for products that can be searched by all departments or for each department separately. In the middle of the page both have special offers, best-selling products, and has the products you are currently viewing by other users.
As for the difference in the pages, internet shop Walmart is simpler and easier to reach the required product, while at and search for products on the home page have a lot of things that detract from the required product. The product categories are more or less similar but has a special category for the book which is understandable because it is the first business was the main job. General impression when comparing these two web sites that walmart product categories clearer and better organized than at

Does Walmart will become the dominant online retailer in the world, will surpass the Amazon, or Amazon will become more dominant than the Walmart online store? What factors could contribute to the success of Walmart in the online market? What factors could impair his ability to dominate online sales the way it is able to dominate the physical retail sales in many markets?

I think that Walmart will soon become the dominant online retailer. Because who has such power in the

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