Compare and Contrast Tow Suburbs

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Maroubra and Kogarah are both prominent suburbs of Sydney. While Maroubra is the beach suburb located 10km southeast of the CBD, Kogarah is the residential suburb. With 14km distance, Kogarah is slightly farther from city centre than Maroubra. This report will compare and contrast about people, housing and services.

There are some similarities also differences between Maroubra and Kogarah about population. Maroubra has the population of 26,500. Kogarah has considerably less population than Marouba with 10,900. However, the age from 20-year-old to 39-year-old is the largest age group in both cities, which is around 32% of population. According to the research, there are 53% of people in Maroubra were born in Australia, while in Kogarah is 47%. There are also 4% of people coming from United Kingdom and 3% of people from Indonesia in Maroubra. Instead, Kogarah has approximately 7% Chinese and 4% Greek living there.

The housing of two suburbs is greatly different. Firstly, the house cost in Maroubra is significantly more expensive than in Kogarah. For instance, in Maroubra, it costs $1,050,000 to own a house. In contract, it is just $650,000 in Kogarah. In addition, the median apartment price in Maroubra is quite higher too. Although the fee of an apartment in Kogarah is just $420,000, it is up to $575,000 in Maroubra. Nevertheless, both suburbs have over 42% of apartment.

Services in two suburbs are both different and similar. At first, there is no train service in Maroubra, while Kogarah has many train stations and it just takes 25 minutes driving to come to the city. Still, the percentage of people driving to work in Kogarah and in Maroubra is over 45%. Besides that, there are many private clinics and various size shopping centres in these suburbs. On the other hand, meanwhile there is a major hospital right in Kogarah, the major hospital of Maroubra is far 3km from the central area. However, the education facilities in both suburbs are in high standard....
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