Any Lived in a Pretty How Town Analysis

Topics: Present tense, E. E. Cummings, Childhood Pages: 2 (673 words) Published: February 25, 2014
Anyone Lived in a Pretty How Town by E.E. Cummings tells the life cycle of townspeople and of one unknown couple. The subtle language choices, inverted syntax and use of repetition make this poem stunningly effective. "Anyone" is the protagonist, who is disliked by the "women and men" or "everyones" of the town, because he is different and follows his own routine. This poem tells the love story of Anyone and Noone. "Anyone" is used as a proper noun,this person isn't spoken about as if he were just anyone, and that he appreciated and valued his and Anyone's individuality. Using 'Anyone' as a single specific character reinforces the idea that this person was isolated from the rest of his town. The use of inverted syntax shows that Anyone is the protagonist of this poem, set in a "pretty how" town. "Pretty how" seems to describe the superficial lifestyle lived by the members of this town. Anyone is a colorful character in a town of black and white. The poem is written in the past tense, and tells a love story between Anyone and Noone. Only in one stanza is the present tense used, as they "dream their sleep", which is a happy ending to a bittersweet story. The women and men of the town were not concerned with anyone or Anyone. They didn't acknowledge anyone unless the other person benefited them. The children in the town were innocent, so they were able to see the love between Anyone and Noone. As time passed, the children were no longer innocent, they have grown up and become the "women and men". The cycle of birth, childhood, adulthood and decline is very apparent in each stanza. The lovers were at the top of the hierarchy, individuals who were happy and didn't blend in with everyone else. The mundane "women and men" who live a life of inadequacy and lastly, the children, who will become the "women and men" and repeat the cycle of dullness. The first stanza introduces Anyone, a man who lived through his failures and successes and his life went on. The second...
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