Compare And Contrast The Battle Of The Alamo And The Goliad Massacre

Topics: United States, Texas, Mexico Pages: 1 (144 words) Published: March 11, 2016

The Battle of the Alamo and the Goliad Massacre was in the Texas Revolution and mass killing of troops and also was a battle cries of the Battle of San Jacinto.Both Battle of Alamo and Goliad Massacre was directed by the Mexican president Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna and took placed in Texas

The battle of the alamo was only three weeks before the Goliad Massacre.During the battle David Crockett and James Bowie was killed in the battle and was a won by the Mexican army.

The Goliad massacre is a part of the Mexican invasion of Texas in the early 1836.All his Men of least 5000 followed an inland route towards San Antonio and the Same time the Mexican General Jose Urrea with 900 troops,left Matamoros and followed a coastal route...
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