Compare and Contrast Strategies of Walmart and Carrefour in Chinese Market

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Compare and contrast the strategies adopted by Wal-Mart and Carrefour in Chinese market

Wal-Mart and Carrefour are both the giants in retailer industry among the world. They both have great economic power and good reputation. As the economic globalization deepens, the two corporations have already entered into Chinese market. According to McKinsey Quarterly (October 2009) Carrefour opened its first hypermarket in the capital city of China-Beijing in 1995 as a pioneer of the foreign retailers. Wal-Mart followed, launched its first store in Shenzhen in the south of China. (China Daily, July 2008) However, during the period of global recession, China’s economy has kept a stable growth. In addition to this, the retail sales in China are 1 trillion and will have an annual growth of approximately 18%. Therefore China is no doubt the fastest growing major retail market in the world. (The Economist May 2011) Thus the two giants both want to have a considerable large market share in China and this lead to massive expansion of them. Nonetheless, the two giants also met...
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