Compare And Contrast Essay 3

Topics: Human, World population, Natural environment Pages: 3 (821 words) Published: November 30, 2014
Jose Alexis Ortega
Professor Cormier
English 110
6 October 2014
Compare and Contrast: A Reading Analysis
Throughout dozens of decades the subject of the Earth’s environment has been in the hands of human beings; however, society is in the brink of finding out the true importance of living a sustainable life due to all the allocations of whether saving our natural resources is the next step for mankind. In fact, in the matter of the following years the subject of environmental science will fall upon the words of contemporary society in a rapid state. Earth is limited in natural resources and it is important for human beings to not fall in oblivion which may lead to a lifestyle the humans have not yet witnessed. Maude Barlow, a leading voice against U.S.—Canada Free Trade Agreement, speaks on behalf the issue of water consumption which doubles every twenty years; it is almost more than double the rate of the human population growth. Barlow reports that as the world moves toward increased globalization, the value of natural resources will be on the rise. This situation will give those who have control over resources, such as water, more economic and political power. In addition, Wendell Berry, an educator with the National Endowment for the Arts award, describes American culture as a foolish equation of “limitlessness” with “freedom. Berry then looks to Marlowe’s Faustus and Milton’s Satan for prescient examples of our currently self-obsessed and selfish society, and to art in general for ways to live in a more sustainable way. A well-known writer and environmentalist challenges America’s attitude toward energy resources as delusional. As the title of this selection suggests, this attitude will have the gravest consequences for the planet Although both authors indicate a serious concern on the allocation a disruption of Earth’s limited resources, the way they try to approach the audience are exceptionally different.

Initially, Berry’s and Barlow’s use of...
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