Compare and Contrast Essay

Topics: Super Bowl, National Football League, American football Pages: 3 (1080 words) Published: October 15, 2012
The NFL draft has discovered many unique NFL quarterbacks since 1936. That is 76 years of teams picking their franchise quarterbacks. Many quarterbacks have been drafted, some are a “bust” and some are record-breaking hall of famers. Teams take a risk every year to find their franchise player to take them to the next level. Throughout the past 76 years no two hall of fame quarterbacks compare and are so much alike than Tom Brady and Joe Montana. Tom Brady and Joe Montana have mastered their craft of becoming a starting NFL quarterback in two different eras, from record-breaking performances to upsetting defeats.

Tom Brady grew up in Mateo, California and was born on August 3rd 1977. Tom excelled in both football and baseball; he graduated from Junipero Serra High School. Tom graduated in 1995 in which he declined an offer to play major league baseball for the Montreal Expos to go to the University of Michigan. After attending the University of Michigan he became a member of their football team. Tom did not see much playing time on the field his first two college seasons. Starting in his junior year at the University of Michigan he became the starting quarterback. That season he threw for 350 passes and 2,636 yards. In his senior year, which was his final season, he helped the University of Michigan Wolverines to an Orange Bowl championship. Tom claims he loved the sport of football more and wanted to get an education which baseball did not offer. Growing up Tom Brady admired Joe Montana. Tom lived in an area that supported the 49ers.

Decades before, Joe Montana was born June 11th 1956 in New Eagle Pennsylvania. Joe attended high school in Monongahela, Pennsylvania were at the time he was eligible for both a football and basketball scholarships. Like Tom he chose to play college football. His school of choice was Notre Dame, where as a 7th string quarterback he earned a reputation for making eleventh hour comebacks. Like Tom Brady, Joe also chose Notre Dame...
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