Compare and Contrast

Topics: City, Culture, Suburb Pages: 3 (737 words) Published: October 11, 2010
City versus Suburban Life: An Exhilarating or Relaxed Lifestyle

Single people and families at some point in their lives choose what type of lifestyle is best for them by living; they decide to either live in the city or in the suburbs. This is a decision that people make that serves them best. Both places are good places to live, but are similar and different; however, there are similarities and differences between them. People have to choose amongst many factors in regards to where they are going to live. Living in the city and the suburbs both offer a good living, but both have downfalls. Their healthcare, the surrounding culture they want to be around, and occupation choices tend to be deciding factors.

People living in the city have a variety of different healthcare choices to make for themselves and their children. The city offers more healthcare opportunities due to having a larger amount of hospitals within them. In the city, one would find that healthcare is more specialized because of the city’s high population. This means that the city would have much better healthcare because of the greater worry for keeping its people healthy. If one were to live in the city, then they would have a better chance at receiving the best healthcare possible.

People living in the suburbs do not have many options to choose from when it comes to healthcare. Suburbs do not have very high populations, so people who work in

hospitals within the suburbs would not be as specialized as doctors found in the city. There would also not be as many hospitals within the suburbs for this same reason. These doctors in the suburbs would also not be as specialized as doctors in the city because there is not a very high concern of illness or disease. Healthcare in the suburbs and healthcare in the city are very different from each other.

Culture in the suburbs is not very diverse; things like foreign food would not be found easily within them. Most people who live in the...
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