Development of the Suburbs

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Development of the suburbs

By 1985, The United States of America had become considered a suburban nation. Today, half of all Americans live in suburban communities that have grown outward, surrounding the nations cities. The suburbs have continued and will continue to grow outward with the growth of the population and the evolution of America's culture. When looking at how suburbs developed, there are many arguable factors that played and still play roles in the ongoing move of human society away from crowded cities. Like any species thats population would grow at a rapid rate, humans began to outgrow the communities they had built and had a demand for more space to reproduce and live. The furthering in technology, especially transportation, played a huge role in allowing the suburbs to develop as large and fast as they did. However it was the matter of class that dictated who was allowed and who could afford to move out of the cities. As suburbs continued to develop, this higher class was responsible for the influence of federal laws that continued the suburbs growth. They were also responsible for creating the idea of how the American family should be and selling it, spurring an entirely new 'middle' class of Americans. The evolution of American suburbs began out of necessity, but the way in which they developed is attributed to the pull of a variety of social and technological influences throughout the past few hundred years.

From a biological standpoint, human societies developed in massive communities near large bodies of water, where resources were close at hand. Looking at North America in particular, The United States' major cities began to grow along the east coast of the country where it was first established, and quickly expanded along the west coast and around the Great Lakes at the center of the country. By the beginning of the 19th century however, the population of the cities had begun to outgrow the living space that was available....
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