Comparative Works of Lu Xun

Topics: Confucianism, China, Overseas Chinese Pages: 4 (1452 words) Published: May 5, 2013
Lu Xun writes about the impending doom for China because he hates to see the homeland he loves diminish. The Story of Ah Q and The Madman’s Diary are both scornful critiques of Chinese traditions, values, customs and ways of life. He is able to express his underlying text by the uses of irony and symbolism. . The Story of Ah Q and The Madman’s Diary are both prime examples of Lu Xun’s work that forewarns the citizens of China that the traditional way of life will lead the entire nation to a impending doom. Each story written by Lu Xun delivers a different message to the readers, The Story of Ah Q attacks the bad attributes that Lu Xun thought every single Chinese had. . The Madman’s Diary is a direct strike at the most popular ideology at the time, Confucius. Lu Xun brought about these issues because he believes they are the pieces that are holding China from becoming a world power. He has hopes that the Chinese citizens can take the themes from these stories and translate them into their own life’s.

The Story of Ah Q was a depiction of a low class citizen in the village of Weichuang who embodied the distasteful traits of the traditional Chinese population. Ah Q was not a respectable man in the slightest; he did not possess any positive qualities and was not respected by anyone in the village. Some of the attributes that made up his personality were close-minded, arrogant, selfish and disingenuous to himself. Lu Xun made this character so that he could showcase every bad characteristic that was possessed by most Chinese people. Lu Xun attempted to built the readers disgust for Ah Q so that the citizens of China may realize that they are Ah Q and work on reforming themselves. Through out the short story of Ah Q, Lu Xun makes references to distasteful Traditional Chinese attributes such as insubordination of Women, China being disingenuous to itself by riding too high on their pride, and mimics China for their poor coordination and direction during the...
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