Forbidden City Quote Chart

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Forbidden City Quote Chart
Son and dad relationship
-“I’m really proud of [my dad]” (Bell, 2)
-“I have to handle the tickets and boarding passes and steer Dad around “ (Bell, 10) -“Alex, I would rather have you up here in case anything happens” (98) -“I wanted dad to be with me” (143)
-“He searched my face, his eyes coming alive”(187)
Alex and Dad are grief-stricken when they think of their mom, who are not living with them -Dad’s “shoulders and head shook from the deep sobs that came from down inside him” “I realized how badly hurt he was, as badly as me” (Bell, 12) -As Alex thinks that his dad might have been shot, he “felt overwhelmed, as if [he] was drowning,”(123) and sobbed, cried hard.

Xin-Hua: “So many of my friend,s my classmates, were shot down” “Even one of my teachers. My friends” (165)

“The crowd around us started screaming in rage” (112)
“The people surged away from the guns, roaring, screaming as the crowd rolled backward to the east.” (113) People “shouted in rage and terror, waving fists in the air, shrinking” (113)

“A bolt of fear shot through me as I remembered I had been captured by soldiers” (120) “My stomach was knotted with fear and I kept wondering if I was making a foolish mistake” (151) “I covered my eyes with my trembling hands, screaming inside my skull” (174) Alex’s struggle in a new place

Different Customs
“I tried to use my chopsticks, but after a few minutes of trying..I gave up and used the fork” (22) “Lao Xu took the bones out of his mouth with his chopsticks and dropped them beside his plate. It looked pretty rude until I thought about it” (23) “I couldn’t believe a real doctor was using voodoo stuff like that” (138)

Language Barrier
“I wished I could sleep in my own water bed in my own room, listen to my tunes on the stereo in our living room, maybe have a fire going, call up my friends on the phone, and eat real food.” (32) “I was homesick. I missed my friends. I wanted to be in my own room in my own house.” (143)

Loneliness & Isolation
“As soon as I step outside this boring hotel I’m isolated” (33)

Communism Democracy Contrast
Lack of Freedom & Rights
-“Chinese don’t have the right to choose where they work” (Bell, 27) “the government controls population movement” (Bell, 28) -“Everything is controlled” “being told how to run every part of their lives” Chinese students “they weren’t supposed to date. They couldn’t get married” “They had to go to political study classes every week” (65) -“All demonstrations are illegal. It is also illegal to spread rumors” (74) …“The demonstrators can be shot.”, even though all the demonstrations have been remarkably peaceful.” (87) -If the people who spread rumors get caught, “they’d be in big trouble. Maybe even be shot” (136) -“There’s a massive hunt on for student leaders and for people who talked to foreign reporters” (192)s

Chinese School
Canadian School
Runs 6 days a week
5 days a week
There’s no discussion in class
No one challenges the teacher

During the break, the students have to do exercise
Get the whole breaks for yourself

Freedom of Speech
“Maybe better I don’t give my name” (61) – a student interviewee (demonstrator)

-“Your leader has tremendous power over your life” (Bell, 28)

[The CCTV camera] “was watching people in the lobby” (35)

Manipulation through propaganda

Attacking demonstrators
1) Rem Min Ri Bao: People’s Daily newspaper, the official mouthpiece for the Chinese Communist Party -it “attacks the students who demonstrated” “it says that the students are “promoting chaos”” (57) 2) TV

-“Chinese radio and TV still are railing against the students, calling them counter-revolutionaries, accusing them of trying to destroy the economic reforms of the last ten years” (94) -“Telling the citizens the Demonstrators are all hooligans” (95) -“The Chinese government is...
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