Xin-Hua in the Forbidden City

Topics: People's Republic of China, China, Communist Party of China Pages: 3 (1194 words) Published: March 4, 2006
The name of Xin-hua translates to New China and it was her powerful belief for a new China that made her determination so strong. Throughout Forbidden City her determination seemed to grow. It required a lot of guts and determination for the powerless ordinary people to take on the all-powerful government. Determination, though not her only characteristic, was certainly the strongest one, but through her determination she showed Alex a different world. To die for your country is not as heart rending than to be executed by an army who used to die for their country instead of killing their people. Xin-hua, though fictional, was one among thousands of people who died for their beliefs and still had no effect on China's Communist Party.

Xin-hua fervently believed in a better China and fairness to its people. She was deeply involved in the student demonstrations, which required plenty of resolve. Because of the government's constant verbal attacks via The Peoples Daily, the government controlled newspaper; it took a lot not to loose faith in their cause. Xin-hua was introduced to Alex just before he was shot. You could feel her determination to live another day to fight the government, even when the country's favourite army is wreaking havoc in Tian An Men Square. She knew the importance of Alex when she first met him and she was willing to give Alex an interview, even though it was illegal. She also realised that Alex would have a great deal of troubles getting the tapes out of the country and right there and then seemed to decide that she would help him get the tapes out of the country. Xin-hua knew that the Chinese Government had jammed all the satellite frequencies leaving the China so that no media group could get their footage to the world and see what the Chinese Government was doing to the civilians. So it was logical that any tapes made in Tian An Men Square would have to be smuggled out illegally. Xin-hua's determination was fuelled by her...
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