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Comparative Religions Essay

By ked0054 Feb 27, 2013 435 Words
Comparative Religions Essay

Judaism began in Israel, 2000 BCE. Christianity began in the middle east it began about 2000 years ago. Christianity is the religion based on the person and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth, or its beliefs and practices. Judaism is the monotheistic religion of the Jews, based on the laws revealed to Moses and recorded in the Torah. Christianity and Judaism are similar and different in many ways, Both Religions believe in Jesus, they have a lot different beliefs, Both religions have Bibles, Christians has the bible, Jews have The Torah. Both religions believe in Jesus. Both religions believed in him but the Christians believed he would come back and that he was very special, Jews did not think all the same as the Christians. Jews do not believe that Jesus was divine, the Son of God, or the Messiah prophesied in Jewish scriptures. He is seen as a "false messiah," someone who claimed the mantle of the Messiah but who ultimately did not meet the requirements laid out in Jewish beliefs. Christians believe that Jesus will come back to Earth to save/protect them. Religions have their agreements and their disagreements. The religions have a lot of different beliefs. They have lists and lists of different beliefs of Christians and Jews. Some of those beliefs are, Judaism says that no human can ever die or atone for the sins of others and sins can only be atoned for by animal sacrifice or prayer and restitution. Whereas Christianity says that Jesus died for the sins of mankind. Judaism says that all humans are born pure, and innocent. Christians say that all humans are born with 'original sin'. Jews say that no man gets a 'second coming' and the Messiah will not need one. Christians say that Jesus will have a 'second coming'. These are only a few of the many different beliefs. Comparisons of the two religions are they both have books basically “Bibles”, but there not both called bibles. For Christians it is a Bible for Judaism it is a Torah. They both hold basically the same things, Their beliefs. Now the information in the books are not completely the same. Because of the different beliefs. But the books are used for the same reason so people who follow the religion can worship their religion. Christianity and Judaism are very close religions but yet very different. They are the same because, Both Religions believe in Jesus, Both religions have Bibles, Christians has the bible, Jews have The Torah. They are also very different because they have a lot of different beliefs.

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