Community Park Proposal

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Community Park Proposal

Project Description:
Neely Ramsburg from the Aspen Falls Planning Department has asked you to finish a presentation proposing a new community park location. In this project, among other skills, you will edit and format text and bullets, insert and format pictures, check spelling, add new slides and change slide layout, apply transitions, and add speaker notes.


For the purpose of grading of the project you are required to perform the following tasks:

Step| Instructions| Points Possible|
1| Start PowerPoint. Download and open the file named Skills_p01_Grader_EOC.pptx.| 0| 2| On Slide 1, change the subtitle text (Aspen Planning Department) to Aspen Falls Planning Department (no period).| 3| 3| On Slide 1, change the font of the title text, Community Park Proposal, to Times New Roman and change the size to 48. Apply the Small Caps effect to the title text.| 6| 4| Find and replace all instances of the word north with south (two replacements will be made).| 8| 5| On Slide 2, center the title, Current Community Park. Change the line spacing of the bullets on Slide 2 to 1.5.| 6| 6| On Slide 2, decrease the list level of the third bullet, Lack of snack bar facility, one time. Increase the list level of the last bullet, Inadequate parking facilities, one time.| 6| 7| Insert a new Title slide after Slide 3 and add the following as the title text:

What will we do with the land at the current park location?| 7| 8| On the new Slide 4, in the subtitle placeholder, insert the following text and change the Font Size to 36:

Develop or Remodel| 4|
9| Use the Spelling tool to check the spelling in the document. Correct the spelling of Municipal on Slide 5, but ignore all instances of the spelling of Ramsburg.| 6| 10| On Slide 6, look for a synonym for the word entrance. From the results, choose entry.| 3| 11| On Slide 6, in the right content placeholder, insert the downloaded...
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