Community Nursing

Topics: Sociology, Population health, Demography Pages: 4 (761 words) Published: September 12, 2013
Community as partner model
To gain access to the community, the community must:
-Perceive that a need exist
-Believe that the CHN can help address this need
-Perceive that its information and contributions are valued -Be assured of confidentiality for non-public information
-Be involved from the beginning in this partnership
Compare Neuman System Model & Community as Partner Model
-the inner circle represents the community
-the dotted circles represents resistance
-spiritual, psyschosocial, physiological
-the other circles represents line of defence
Look up Appendix 11
Community as a partner looks at the 8 sub groups, and if one of them is distorted; everything will also be impacted. Determinants of health and community
The determinants of health relevant to the community
-chn need to consider the determinants of health that might exists in their community, such as crime, social and physical environments, education level, socio economic status, poverty. WHY? -Every community that you go to has individuals strengths and crisis, as the chn investigate a community Assessing acommunity

-Social system
Structure (locale)
Name of community/ neighbourhood
Geopraphuc boundaries
Water and sanitation
Population (people)
Age distribution
Sex distribution
Growth trends
Education level
Predominant cultural and religious groups
Social System
Education system
Communication system
Transportation system
Welfare system
Volunteer programs
Health system
Assessing the community:
-What are some common health needs of communities
-Vulnerable populations
-Poor and homeless clients
-Risk takers
-Client with chronic illness
-Woman and girls
Community assessment
-A logical, systematic approach to
-Identifying community
-Strengths, resources, assets, capabilities, and opportunities -...
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