Community Assessment Reflection

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Community Assessment Reflection
Cynthia Caston
March 31, 2013
Willadene Walker-Schmucker

Community Assessment Reflection
Community Health Partnerships
It is so important for different agencies in the community to partner with each other, this helps ensure that people get directed toward the community resource they are in need of. In my families community The Clay County Health Department does eligibility assessments and referrals for social services in addition to all the services they provide themselves (Clay County Health Department, 2011). Clay Behavioral Health Center partners with Clay County Health Department, Department of Children and Family Services, United Way, and Kids First Florida. They provide adult and child mental health counseling as well as outpatient alcohol and drug treatment (Clay Behavioral health Center, 2011). Quigley House is a 24 hour shelter for abused and sexually assaulted women and their children with a range of services up to and including transitional housing (Quigley House, 2012). The Council on Aging of Clay County partners with AARP, Community Hospice, Haven Hospice, and Eldersource, The Council provides transportation, adult daycare, home delivered meals, surplus foods, and respite care services (Council on Aging of Clay County, 2012). All of these agencies are important, integral aspects of a community. Cultural Diversity and Vulnerable Populations

The health department is a great source for health care in the community they do not discriminate against anyone for any reason and their fees work on a sliding scale according to income. All of these agencies offer their programs to all cultures and their services are free or sliding scale based. Several of them set up booths at the local different cultural fairs to spread the word about their services. This community has Black Expo, The Spanish Heritage Festival, and The Clay County fair. Epidemiological Influences

One of the big socially influenced problems in...

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