Week Four Journal Bshs 401

Topics: Mental disorder, Addiction, Psychiatry Pages: 3 (699 words) Published: June 21, 2013
The community resource for week four is the Village. In 1973 this not-for- profit agency offered a residential treatment program for individuals seeking treatment for substance abuse. This assignment will identify the resource service delivery area and discuss the population served. In addition, this assignment will discuss the services provided, eligibility requirements, and the referral process, including the thoughts in referring a client to the Village Substance Abuse Program. Resource Delivery Area

The Village operates in different cities in the state of Florida. The resource delivery area in Miami, Florida, provides services for different areas. Different treatments were developed for adolescents and adults to allow flexibility to build services around the clients’ needs. The Village provides multidimensional treatments for children’s, males, and females’ adults who suffer from mental illness, delinquency, and other disorders related behavioral problems. The resource delivery area includes a therapeutic rehabilitation services for outpatient and residential settings, behavioral, mental, and physical health counseling. In addition, the Village provided and developed a behavioral and substance abuse program for clients. The State of Florida department of Children and families, Day treatment, and out-patient treatment fund the village program. Population Served

The Village program in Miami, Florida, and surrounding areas provide the following services, such as Mental Health and Substance Abuse, HIV or AIDS patients, Pregnant/Postpartum Women, and Women. More than 1000 adolescents, adults, and his or her families are serviced by the Village (usnodrugs, 2013). The Village South use is long-term residential care for 30 days or more, and short- term residential care for 30 days or less. The Village assists 10,000 people annually throughout the community outreach. The Village South Program target populations for the Outreach Program are ages 18 and up for the...
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