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Topics: Drug addiction, Addiction, United States Pages: 4 (898 words) Published: May 13, 2013
Running head: WELFARE REFORM Mercado 1

Welfare Reform

Mikeala Mercado

Communications 1

Mercado 2


Title: Welfare Reform

Specific purpose: I would like to persuade my audience that drug test screenings should be mandatory in order for welfare recipients to receive their money.


Attention material: How many if you have jobs? How many if the people with jobs like to see a huge chunk of their check MIA due to state and federal taxes? And how many of you like knowing that that chuck of your check that's missing could very well be going towards someone's drug addiction?

Thesis Statement: By enforcing a mandatory drug test to all welfare recipients, you ensure that hard working people's tax dollars are being used the correct ways, and not being used to support a drug addiction,

Preview: Today I will inform you on the pros of drug testing welfare recipients, how many states have already passed this law, how many states are trying to pass the law, the cons of the drug testing, and what we can do to out this plan into action.


I. What benefits would drug testing welfare recipients have on our country?

A. David Vitter of U.S. News Weekly states, by drug testing welfare recipients, it would ensure that all hardworking taxpayers’ money I'd going to get used in the correct and intended way. The nation is already in enough debt of more than $14 trillion, does it make much sense to be wasting tax money on illegal drugs and dishonest welfare recipients? That makes no sense at all! (Vitter, 2011)

B. Enforcing drugs testing will also force drug users or addicts that are looking for financial assistance to get help before receiving money that would have been used to feed their ongoing addiction (Vitter, 2011) By coming up with a plan to make drug user go to rehabilitation centers and treating their addiction before...

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