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Communication Studies Internal Assessm ent
How lack of attention and necessary love of parents affects children throughout their life

Theme for School Based Assessment
The theme for my School Based Assessment is “How lack of attention and necessary love of parents affects children throughout their life”. The purpose for choosing this topic is because of the way children act in society especially children with unstable family backgrounds. Also because of the interests it brings to me personally and the problems it causes in society with children, especially teenagers. Also to find out a solution of how it can be helped and fixed.

Relations of this Topic to my academic, personal and professional interests. This topic relates to my academic interest because of the other subject areas I am studying. I am studying sociology and literature and both will help me to get a better understanding of the topic I chose. They will also help me to complete this project to the best of my ability. This topic relates to me personally because children and the way they live have always fascinated me. I have always wanted to figure out the way children behave and the reasons for why they are the way they are. This topic will therefore help me to get to know children and give me a better understanding of them. This topic relates to my professional interest because of the career I choose to pursue. I would like to study psychology and eventually become a psychologist especially for children. Therefore this project will help me get a better idea in how to investigate problems and give me experience in doing research and getting to know children in another light.

The main purpose of the reflective piece is to expose the listeners to the many facets of a child’s mind and how stimulus can have a profound effect. The story is intended to be heard or seen by the students within the Communication Studies class. The research is...
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