Communication Skills

Topics: Nonverbal communication, Communication, Writing Pages: 2 (793 words) Published: March 22, 2006
Regardless if you are a child going through kindergarten, a teenager attending junior high or high school, an adult working for a small or large corporation or owning your own business, without good communication skills your success rate is not very effective. The purpose of communicating is getting a message across to someone. We as individuals see communication in different ways. For instance when you are asking a child a question or talking to him or her without a response, your first instant is, that child is quiet and doesn't like to talk. We as parents and guardian need to take a step back and ask ourselves is this child having problems with their communication skills. You realize in the last decade how many products is accessible to parents now, like the game Leap Frog, or Baby Genius, Hook on Phonics and much more. It's comes to my attention that children today lack the communication skills and it affects them throughout their teenage and adult life. In spite of increasing importance placed on communication many individuals still lack this skill. We teach our teenagers today how to swing a bat, catch a baseball or football, bounce a basketball, hit a golf ball, and kick a ball through a goal but a simple essential as your communication we forget to teach them. Have you seen teenagers been interviewed on television and they are lost for words or they lack communication skill that makes his or her words appear jumble to point you have no clue what he is talking about. As individuals where do we draw the line? Communication skills start the day you say your first words. Our communication skills should start with the very basics: Your knowledge of non-verbal or verbal skills. Your knowledge of non-verbal says allot about you as an individual. Picture yourself been interviewed for a job, what's your posture like, your eye contact, facial expressions, your clothing, are you delivering a good knowledge of this skills. Practicing your non-verbal communication...
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