Communication Is Key

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Communication is Key!
Understanding Behavior & Family Dynamics
April 24, 2013


Any problem, big or small, within a family, always seems to start with bad communication. Someone isn't listening.- Emma Thompson Communication is the foundation of successful parenting which is necessary to build a healthy parent child relationship. Authoritative parenting matches my personal parenting philosophy and my view on children. This parenting model will enhance communication within the family unit.

One contemporary parenting model is authoritative parenting.  When caregivers are authoritative they consider the feelings and emotions of their children. At the same time they are able to promote the safety of the child while helping them create a sense of responsibility. Parents who use this style of parenting use compromising and efficient dialogues to achieve communication goals. An authoritative statement would sound something like this, "Sam I know that you enjoy to jump on the bed because it's fun and is good exercise, but how about we go for a bike ride instead?" “The introductory descriptions can help parents create a foundation of extensive resources for raising their children with confidence.”

The authoritative parenting model plays a role in my personal parenting philosophy and on my view of children. Parents and children must have an open line of communication because it promotes growth. Children need someone they can confide in and if parents aren't open in consistent children will go astray. Growing up I felt like I could go to my parents for anything because I trusted their judgment and followed their guidance. My parents were able to scorn me and show me right from wrong; this way I knew how to address the problem without them if ever it occurred again. Communication is also imperative while the...

Turner, P. & Welch, K. (2012).  Parenting in contemporary society (5th ed.). Boston, MA: Pearson.
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