Communication For Managers

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Listening and communicating

Communication Approach
• Communication takes place only when a
message sent by one person has been
receveid and undertstood by another person

Reasons Managers Communicate
• Pass on and receive information
• Establish and maitain relationships
• Tell people what they are expected to do and
help them learn
• Give feedback and crticism
• Encourage, motivate and influence
• Help others solve problems and develop actions
• Work with others to come up with new ideas

How to get your message across (1)
• Know your audience
• Know what you want to say and why you want
to say it
• Keep your message simple and specific
• Make eye contact with listeners and speak
slowly and learly enough to be understood
• Try to chose the right time and place

How to get your message across (2)
• Make sure your message is receveid and
– Pay attention to verbal and non verbal responses
– Ask questions as needed to chek out your
perceptions of the listeners’s understanding
– Ask the listener to summerize what you have said
and restate the message if needed

Communicate clearly in meeting

Think through what you plan to say
Make eye contact with people in the groupe
Speak clearly, concisely and distinctly
Be prepared to illustrate and support your

Guidelines for giving helpful criticism

See criticism as useful
Be specific and use examples
Use « I »messages
Focus on behaviour and results, not on
personnalities or personal traits
• Avoid making assumptions
• Focus on relevant issues

Think about it…
• Think of a time when someone gave you
helpful feedback. Then thinlk of a time when
the feedback you received was not helpful.
What was said?

How to deliver unwelcome news
• Try to see the situation from the other party ’s
point of view
• Focus on the facts
• Avoid leading up to the bed news, add
supporting or explanatory details
• Avoid over-apologizing
• When you are saying « no » offer alternatives

The art of asking questions

The questions you ask and the way you ask them are important to clear communication. You ask questions to
- get informations from people
- clarify misunderstanding
- Help people think things through
- Encourage partipation in a meeting, etc.

To ask useful questions:
- Know why you’re asking the questions, ask the right type of question, and be sure that the question is relevant, necessary and appropriate - State the question clarly so the other person understands when you are asking

- Give people enough time to respond and pay attention to the responses - When people resist answering questions be patient and remain calm

Think about it…
• Think about a meeting you will be facilitating.
List some actions you can take before the
meeting and some questions to ask during the
meeting to encourage participation and
• Brief description of meeting
• To do before the meeting
• Questions to ask during the meeting

What kind of listener are you?
Always 1 2 3 4 5 Seldom

I make an effort to pay attention to the speaker, make eye contact and focus on what he or she is saying
While someone is speaking, i try to avoid assuming that i already know what the person is going to say
While someone is speaking, i try to avoird rehearsing what i am going to say next
I try not to let feelings of impatience interfere with my ability to listen When i feel uninterested in what someone is saying, i try to understand why it matters
When i find it hard to listen, i try to identify the obstacle that is getting in my way
I ask questions as needed to clarify what someone is saying
When appropriate, i let the speaker know i have heard the message by paraphrasing his or her words

How to listen actively
• Focus on the speaker
• Clarify as needed to make sure you
• Paraphrase to summarize content and
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