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Topics: Communication, Message, Nonverbal communication Pages: 4 (1338 words) Published: September 24, 2013
According to Jean Roberts (2009)
“Communication is the passing of messages, information, ideas, attitudes, feelings, fears, doubts, news, emotions, etc -to and from one person to another person, from one person to a group, from one group to another group. It involves listening, questioning, explaining, clarifying, encouraging, facilitating, challenging, convincing, verifying, comforting and supporting. Messages can be conveyed or passed in writing, in conversation, by behaviour, by attitude, through personal values and preferences or by silence. Communication is also the transmission of data from one machine to another: However, communicating through technology requires exactly the same degree of care as any other form of communication in order to be effective”. Effective communication ensures whether the transmitted contents are received and understood by someone in the way they were intended. However during the transmitting of the information there can be a communication barrier which may cause misinterpretation of the information from the sender to the receiver. There are many barriers to communication and these may occur at any stage in the communication process. Barriers may lead to your message becoming distorted and you therefore risk wasting both time by causing confusion and misunderstanding. Effective communication involves overcoming these barriers and conveying a clear and concise message. Also the common goal of effective communication includes creating a general perception, changing behaviors and acquiring correct information. Many people think that communication is easy. But effective communication cannot be expressed in simplest form. It is not just about talking. There are many other things involved with effective communication such as gesture, proper body language, expressions and listening. The proper balance of these attributes to be maintained during your communication process if you need to receive the intended goal.

However there...

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