Communication Barriers

Topics: Communication, Culture, Perception Pages: 6 (1524 words) Published: November 6, 2008
Discuss the various communication barriers that are commonly found in organizations and the respective measures that be used to remove barriers. Communication is the transfer of understandable information from a person to another. Communications can be seen from two perspectives: interpersonal communication, and organization communication. Communication is conducted in two forms, none verbal communication and verbal communication. How communication is processed?

The communication process is comprised seven steps:
1.Sender: Sender initiates the message.
2.Message: Expressed purpose is known as message, which is transferred from sender to receiver. 3.Encoding: The message must then be encoded by sender by converting it into symbolic form. 4.Channel: How the message travel through (medium).

5.Receiver: The person receives the message.
6.Decoding: The process through which the receiver interpret the message. 7.Feedback: Feedback will go back to the sender confirming that the message has been understood the way it is intended. However, there are some distortions and distraction, while communication is conducted in above two perspectives.

Selective perception can be occurred to distract the process of communication, as the receiver tend to selectively see and hear based on their own perception as well as expectation and interest. The newspaper tends to write much bad news than good news, as they realize that it will meet reader’s expectation. To break the barrier of selective perception is to enhance communication competence. Necessarily, communicator need to understand how perception and communication affect each other and are connected. Then, communicator should be able to find guidelines for enhancing communication competence. Guidelines for enhancing competence

Recognizing that all perceptions are subjective and partial since each of us differently perceive from a unique perspectives. A class you find exciting may put another student to sleep. Therefore, effective communicators don’t assume that their own perceptions are the only valid and available one. Avoiding mind reading since it is one of the most common mistake in communication. For most of the parts, mind reading is more likely to harm than help communication. When we mind read, we impose our perceptions on others, which can lead to resentment and misunderstandings because most of us prefer to speak for ourselves. Checking perception with others is an important communication skill since perception is subjective and mind reading is ineffective. This will pushes the communication go smoothly as communicators understand each other and their relationships. National culture

Culture is a system of ideas, values, beliefs, structures, and practices that is communicated by one generation to the next and that sustains a particular way of life. The misunderstanding always occurs when we encounter people from different cultures and social communities. Let say Indian people express their agreement by shaking their heads, which is totally different from the other’s culture who nod their heads for agreement. There are basically two solutions to minimize misunderstanding of communication caused by different cultures. Resisting the ethnocentric bias: As ethnocentrism is the use of one’s own culture and its practices as the standard for interpreting the values, beliefs, norms, and communication of other cultures. Likely, some older people are ethnocentric when they negatively judge younger people’s values, perspectives, and behaviors. Ethnocentrism leads to judgments that difference is not just different but wrong. Experiencing collective culture: Understanding diversity of culture is a gradual process that takes time, experience with a variety of people and commitment to participating in a world that includes a range of people and communications style.

Words mean different things to different people....
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