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LANGUAGE is the development of the basic form of communication between human beings, and in a society. And just as it is the basic form, it is also the most developed. We cannot communicate in any real sense without language, other than through gestures; we do communicate through some non-verbal forms like the visual arts - painting and sculpture - and through dance, but the culmination of true, articulate, communication is through language. It could take a number of forms, of course. It could be unvarnished, workaday prose, it could be poetry, it could be drama; but all of these are forms of language, written, spoken and read

What is the difference between language and communication?
Communication is the process of sharing information between two or more persons. This can be verbally, through gestures or even body language. it is the transmission of thoughts or feelings from the mind of a speaker to the mind of the listener. Communication has three purposes: request, reject, or comment and is used to gather thoughts, express thoughts, receive and understand information.

Language, according to Bloom and Owens, is a socially shared code that uses a conventional system of arbitrary symbols ( alphabet ) to represent ideas about the world that are meaningful to those who know the same code.

Language, spoken (speech) and written (writing—which has existed for about 6,000 years), is our pri- mary means of communication. Like culture in general, of which language is a part, language is transmitted through learning. Language is based on arbitrary, learned associations between words and the things they stand for. Unlike the communication systems of other animals, language allows us to discuss the past and future, share our experiences with others, and benefit from their experiences.
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