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Communication play’s a major role in everyday conversation among individuals. Millions of people apply a great effort to acquire an incredibly valuable communication skill such as a second language. In the same token there are cultural barriers in communication and poor listening skills or barriers. All three of these barriers affect communication in everyday life among Americans in the United States. Related Concepts

There are many barriers to effective communication that people face on an everyday basis. The most common barrier that law enforcement officer’s face now is the language barrier. These days, English is the most widespread language spoken in the United States. There are three groups of English speakers which are Native speakers, people from bilingual societies and individuals that are forced to learn it to be able to communicate with other English speakers. Other barriers to communication faced by thousands of individuals around the United States is known as a language handicap. Language handicap refers to any systematic deficiency in the way people speak, listen, read, write or sign that interferes with their ability to communicate, Crystal, D (1997) The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Language. Effective communication with people from different cultures is especially challenging. Culture differences are very difficult for individuals to overcome that have problems with language skills. Culture provides people with different ways of thinking, seeing, hearing and interpreting the world. This is difficult because the same words can mean different things to people from different cultures, even when they speak the same language. So when languages are different, and translation has too utilized to communicate, the potential for a breakdown in communication is increased. There are

three ways which culture interfere with effective communication, which are cognitive constraints, behavior constraints and emotional constraints. All...

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