Commercial Whaling

Topics: Humpback whale, Fin whale, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society Pages: 2 (521 words) Published: January 14, 2013
Commercial whaling is not a very common controversy every one knows about but it really should be. There are a few main reasons whaling needs to be enforced more and those are Most whale species have a very few amount of them left in the wild, the way the hunters kill the whales is cruel, and it is already illegal but people choose to break the law.

The first reason whaling needs to be stopped permanently is that most whales have a very low number of them. Minke whales are the most hunted whale of them all and there species is at a rapid decline the Japanese whaling quota this year was to kill 935 Minke whales. In Japans 2011-2012 whaling campaign they wanted to kill at least 50 fin whales. Even though Fin whales are endangered!

Another reason why commercial whaling needs to be stopped is how the hunters kill the whales. In the Faeroe Islands whalers drive boats to drive the whales into shallow water. Then the whalers on the beach charge the whales stabbing hooks through there blow holes and pull them on to the beach. Once on the Beach they take a Knife ad cut a hole where the organs of the whale are so they fall out onto the beach. If they get a pregnant female whale they open her up and pull out the undeveloped baby whale and lie it on the beach to be processed and eaten. In the artic they have a similar technique but instead of driving them into the shallow water they take a harpoon gun and shoot the whale then a smaller vessel takes a hook and stabs it through the blow hole and drags it to the factory ship. And then the whalers on the factory ship drag the whale onto the deck and cut it up to be processed. In both of these cases the whales may take up to one to five minutes do be officially dead. Peter Hammarstedt captain of the “Bob Barker” said “Its absolutely horrible how they kill this beautiful animal”(

The final reason commercial whaling needs to be stopped is that there is already a ban on commercial or any type of whaling....
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