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MY commentary
In my static image I chose to use the colours red, blue, white, purple, red and black because they all play an important part in the image. As some examples the parts in my image that are coloured in blue represent confidence, grey/black represents power, red represents determination and strength, purple represents ambition I also used white because it represents goodness and a successful beginning. All of these colours link to the main idea “overcoming challenges in life can be difficult” because without power, confidence, determination, strength and ambition it is hard to climb over obstacles and face the challenges that come your way. In my image I drew the sky tower which symbolizes the difficulties you may face in life. The girl with the rope strapped around her ankles symbolizes that no matter how far up the tower you may reach you will always be brought back down. Instead of giving up let the bungee rope bounce you right back up. Her clothes are purple because purple is a colour that shows ambition. The clouds are there to symbolize light and safety. The quote “keep calm and carry on” is in blue to symbolize faith and truth. The setup or layout of my static image is picture at the top and quote at the bottom. I chose to do my set up this way to draw the audience’s attention to the sky tower and the quote as they are 2 of the main pictures in the image. The background is coloured in blue to show that all the different components to the image is all linked to trust, because you wouldn’t bungee jump without having trust. You cannot overcome challenges in life if they difficult without having trust in the things that will help you overcome those challenges. All the techniques I have used help us to understand the main idea by giving us a varied amount of points as to why the image is drawn or set up the way it is for different reasons. By Rumbi Hokoza 9PPN

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