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Telephony is the technology associated with the electronic transmission of voice, fax, or other information between distant parties using systems historically associated with the telephone, a handheld device containing both a speaker or transmitter and a receiver. With the arrival of computers and the transmittal of digital information over telephone systems and the use of radio to transmit telephone signals, the distinction between telephony and telecommunication has become difficult to make.

Internet telephony is the use of the Internet rather than the traditional telephone company infrastructure and rate structure to exchange spoken or other telephone information. Since access to the Internet is available at local phone connection rates, an international or other long-distance call will be much less expensive than through the traditional call arrangement.

IP telephony is a modern form of telephony which uses the TCP/IP protocol popularized by the Internet to transmit digitized voice data. Contrast this with the operation of POTS (an acronym for "plain old telephone service").

Computer telephony integration (CTI) enables computers to know about and control phone functions such as making and receiving voice, fax, and data calls with telephone directory services and caller identification. The integration of telephone software and computer systems is a major development in the evolution of the automated office.

CTI is not a new concept. Such links have been used in the past in large telephone networks but only dedicated call centers could justify the costs of the required equipment installation. Primary telephone service providers are offering information services such as automatic number identification (ANI) and Dialed Number Identification Service (DNIS) on a scale wide enough for its implementation to bring real value to business or residential telephone usage. A new generation of applications (middleware) is being developed as a result of standardization and availability of low cost computer telephony links. * Binan Laguna

Anecdote about the name Binan had originated from the name of a big tree called Banyan or Banian (Ficus Bengalensus; Urtika Crae).  Since the tree was unusual to the place and people had not heard of it, it was then disregarded.  In Greece, Banyan means trader or Mercader, which then changed to Binan.  Others believed that the name Binan came from the word “Binyagan” which means baptized or baptismal place.  During the Spanish Era, the town was named Parochia de San Isidro de Binan which is now the emblem of the church.

Biñan covers a total area of 4,350 hectares which represents 2.5 percent of the entire Laguna area. Barangay San Francisco occupies the largest area, which is about 16.83 percent of Biñan while Barangay Casile has the smallest area with only 12 hectares or 0.27 percent.  

The Municipality of Biñan is located in the Province of Laguna in the island of Luzon, Philippines about 40 km south of Manila.   It lies bounded on the north by San Pedro, on the south by Sta Rosa, and on the west by Carmona, Cavite.  On the eastern and northern horizon lies the Laguna de Bay.

The Municipality of Binan is generally plain with 85.33 percent of its total area having a slope of zero to 2.5 percent. This covers all the 24 barangays except for small portions of barangay Biñan and San Francisco having a slope ranging from 2.6 to 25 percent, meaning it is gently sloping to strongly sloping. With more that three-fourths of its area generally level to nearly level, this makes Biñan suitable for urban development.

The Municipality of Biñan is accessible to all types of land transportation from Manila, or South Super Highway, exits Susana in Muntinlupa City and Carmona in Cavite can be used.  From the south or from the capital town of Sta Cruz, the National Highway can be utilized.

* San Pedro Laguna

City of San Pedro is a first class city in the province...
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