Combat and Beowulf

Topics: Combat, Grendel, Beowulf Pages: 4 (1743 words) Published: May 6, 2013
Benita Williams
February 28, 2013
Professor Heyworth
English 225
The Monster Within, Is It A Good or Bad Thing?
Beowulf was one in many men who has been described to have a monster in him. The way a person deals with it and how they choose to deal with it, made them who they were. Beowulf had great character and the way he used the monster within had many people questioning his true abilities as a hero and as a king. He fought in so many battles, many described as being monstrous or an animalistic. The most famous mentioned is the fight with the monster Grendel. He was somewhat compared to Grendel because they had many things in common. Beowulf as a monster was not a bad thing at all. He used his abilities to fight for the greater cause, but it had some downsides. What makes a man a true monster? Is it how a man fights or the way he fights? There were many pros and cons considered the fights he had with the monster within. A man that lived his life for the adventure that caused him to be alone a lot or the specific way he fought all were described as monster characteristic. He was a different kind of monster. He gave back even when he did not have to and he respected other men and their reputations. He used these monstrous characteristics for to do positive with which helped him to become a better hero; and because Beowulf had a positive influence on people as a hero; it made it easy for him to become a great king. Beowulf monstrous characteristics helped him to develop a protective mode and helped him to be strong for others when they needed him to. I also gave him great leadership skills. These characteristics were what made a king, a king. The book described three main battles and a competition in which Beowulf participated. The competition that was brought to mind was the competition between Beowulf and Breca. The competition took great strength more than a regular man would possess. Beowulf explained what really happened and how Breca and himself were...
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