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Appendix F

Outline and Thesis Statement Guide

What is your thesis statement? Taking your time deciding a healthy meal instead of looking for convenience is the most important choice ____________________________________________________

I. Introduction
I know that McDonalds is very convenient with having a drive-thru and having quick menu items to order but taking your time to figure out a healthier meal choice is a lot more important. It will benefit you in the long run if you begin eating healthy.

II. First main point
Subway is more nutritional then McDonalds.
a. Most of Subway’s food has a lot less calories and fat than McDonalds i. Subway’s popular meatball marinara sub has 379 calories and 23 grams of fat in a 6 inch sub. ii. Compare that to 740 calories and 42 grams of fat in a double quarter pounder with cheese. b. A good example of people affected by subway and McDonalds are Jared Fogle and Morgan Spurlock. i. Jared Fogle is the face of subway; he lost 245 pounds by exercising and only eating subway sandwiches. ii. Spurlock ate at McDonalds restaurants 3 times per day. Spurlock consumed an average of 5,000 kcal(the equivalent of 9.26 big macs) per day during the experiment. He gained 24 pounds, a 13% body mass increase, a cholesterol level of 230, and experienced mood swings, sexual dysfunction, and fat accumulation in his liver. III. Second main point

a. Even though McDonalds might be more convenient and fast, Subway you pick and choose every ingredient in your sandwich and see them prepare it. i. McDonald’s food is pre-made and you do not know how long it was sitting around. ii. Subway never pre-make sandwiches.

b. As of last year, Subway sandwich chain has surpassed McDonald’s Corp. as the world’s largest i. Subway has 33,749 restaurants...
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