Micro Analysis of Subway

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Subway as a large international company perform a big role in world’s background.As a restaurant chain, a lot of micro environmental factors influent on it. Those factors are: size, competitors, customers, market, target, finance, labour, suppliers. All of them influent on all companies in fast food business.


As it was mentioned Subway is one of the largest fast food companies. Like the other competitors it has stres all over the world. There are more than 25,000 stores in 83 countries on the six continents. There is also empoyed more than 150,000 people in all stores oficces and headquaters.


The Subway restaurant chain has been ranked the numer one franchise opportunity in the last twenty years. This fact put company on the first place between companies of the same type. The other big competitors like Mc Donalds, Burger King or KFC fight in finding the best way to customer pockets. They can offer the same products which are directed to not decided customers or competitor customers like for example chips. All of them try to find the best way to gain new customers,to be better than the other. Subway manage with that quite well what can confirm big profits and the speed of expanding.


Fast food restaurants customers pay attentiont to many different aspects. That is why the biggest companies offer so many various products. These days clientele demands more and check who can provide them. Because of that ther were invented vegetarian sandwiches meals for kids etc. Customers are the most important because they pay for food to run somebody’s business.


All of the biggest companies try to get as many customers as it possible that is why expansion is so quick. We can find Mc Donalds, KFC, Burger King or Subway all over the world. All of these companies try to get domination on every market they appear. Some of them lead in Europe some in North America. The important is that fast foods can appear...
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