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Topics: Equals sign, Woman, Combat Pages: 2 (547 words) Published: March 14, 2013
Rachael Ulsh
Mrs. Van Trees
AP Lang Period 6

Column Analysis 3
In “Arms and the Women,” Collins argues that, considering how far America has already come with equal rights as a whole, women should now have total equality to men in the military. Collins opens her column by looking back on the era when women were first allowed into the military- a time when letting them hold a gun was still out of the question. She then moves to a discussion of the current state of the issue; how much has changed, and the question of if more rights should be given. Collins closes her argument with a reflection of the positive effects of women in the military, and a hope to continue the movement of allowing women to participate in all combat.

Collins’ appeals to ethics and emotion, answering to cynics’ fear of women’s safety in military combat, and assuring that an equalization of genders is the best thing to do. She references to the stereotypical woman in the military with a quote from Wilma Vaught who retired from active duty in 1985, “I wore my skirts.” This old political correctness seems absurd, looking at women in the military today who wear the same uniforms as men. Collins shows how much has already changed, but suggests that although men and women in the military look the same, there’s still more to it. Collins uses pathos when she brings up a terrible hardship that women in the military have to face, no matter where they stand in combat. “Sexual attacks from fellow members of their own service” are unfortunately common toward military women. Collins argues that putting more women at the top of the military will bring more attention to women’s issues, therefore ending these sickening incidences.

Collins’ detail fills the reader in on the reality of what may have seemed like a military the same for both genders, proving her point that more has to be done in order for equality. Although there are exceptions nowadays, women used to “not need to be…trained...
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